Estudiofuture is a specialized VR company that designs and develops immersive solutions to fuel digital transformation and drive success for global organizations.

We have crafted awesome applications and immersive experiences for +40 world-leading companies.







Our Awarded studio, founded in 2014 by computer graphics experts with a deep technical background of more than 15 years, walks clients through every facet of the production pipeline.

VR Training



We create the most innovative and effective tailor-made VR training simulations for a wide variety of industries.

Every day, our worldwide clients train their employees and workers with our proven solutions, saving time and money.

We develop unique solutions for simulating maneuvers and processes, enhancing safe personnel training, and boosting productivity while significantly reducing accidents.

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Immersive training benefits

VR training excels over traditional classroom methods with its immersive, repeatable, and cost-effective approach, providing a safer and more efficient learning experience.


more confident to act on
what they learned


Increase in productivity


faster training
than traditional clasroom


more cost-effective 
at 10,000 learners

 Source: PwC VR Soft Skills Training Efficacy Study, 2020


AI Realistic



D.A.V.I.N.C.I Estudiofuture’s cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the world of virtual reality training by enabling the creation of highly realistic AI avatars that not only react to user actions but also exhibit believable and authentic behaviors.

D.A.V.I.N.C.I provides immersive and dynamic training that truly prepares individuals for the challenges they may face in the field, setting a new standard in virtual reality-based learning.



Digital Twins


Estudiofuture specializes in creating digital twins and simulations for a variety of industries.

Our digital doubles allow workers to fully immerse in a realistic 3D installation and replicate all the movements, maneuvers,  and operational procedures within the complex (maintenance, emergency, safety…)

For process operations and more precise simulations, we connect the virtual twin with OTSs that replicate the process in real-time.

We partner with Inprocess for OTS development.


Our sectors


Estudiofuture specializes in creating innovative solutions to enhance learning, safety, and business efficiency across various sectors.

Energy, Oil & Gas

Estudiofuture empowers energy and utility companies with tools and services to create immersive simulations of refineries and complex energy systems.

In a changing energy landscape with increasing demands and sustainability goals, immersive learning reduces costs, expedites training, and ensures safety. Workers can experience diverse scenarios and learn from mistakes without real-world consequences.

Industry, Infrastructure & Transportation

Transform your industry by offering hands-on, cost-effective digital twins and VR learning experiences. It enables efficient skill development, reduces operational risks, and boosts workforce readiness.

From simulating factories and complex construction projects to enhancing driver safety, we equip professionals with the tools to excel in their roles and adapt to evolving industry demands.

Defense & Law enforcement

Elevate defense readiness with Estudiofuture’s tailored training solutions. Our cutting-edge technology delivers realistic, cost-effective, and adaptable training experiences, enhancing skills, safety, and decision-making.

From immersive scenarios to performance analytics, we empower personnel to excel in high-stakes situations.

Education &  Training

Immersive training revolutionizes education by offering engaging learning experiences that enhance retention, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Students can explore complex concepts, historical events, and scientific phenomena in a captivating way. It promotes hands-on learning, collaboration, and adaptability, preparing students for new challenges.

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C/ Magallanes, 25, 5º Piso, 28015 Madrid (Spain)

+34 910 512 907