Estudiofuture selected for SIGGRAPH 2017!!

23 June, 2017
23 June, 2017 admin

Estudiofuture selected for SIGGRAPH 2017!!


We all in estudiofuture are really proud of being selected for the official selection of this year´s SIGGRAPH VR VILLAGE

SIGGRAPH is the world’s largest, most influential annual conference and exhibition in computer graphics and interactive techniques and this year they selected our project SUMMER CAMP powered by our VIVO proprietary technology.


VIVO, is ESTUDIOFUTURE´s AI driven cutting-edge proprietary technology that blends traditional keyframed animations with physical and procedural behaviors and give animators and storytellers new tools to synchronize and control character’s performances in different situations depending on user ́s interactions.
This technology allows us to create lifelike and credible characters that reacts to our actions when we touch them, when we look at them,when we interact, or even when we are doing nothing.
They never repeat the same sentence or action,the pace of the story never stops and the narrative always flows with no idle characters waiting for your actions, just like in real life.