Estudiofuture will be at ChinaJoy with FusionWars

FusionWars will showcase the new PvP e-sport arena at Chinajoy thanks to Hypereal.

Hypereal is one of the only companies in mainland China offering a complete platform of VR hardware and content .

The Hypereal´s fully compatible version of Fusion Wars will be launch soon.

ChinaJoy or China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference is a digital entertainment expo held annually in ShanghaiChina. It is the largest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition held in Asia.

Estudiofuture selected for SIGGRAPH 2017!!


We all in estudiofuture are really proud of being selected for the official selection of this year´s SIGGRAPH VR VILLAGE

SIGGRAPH is the world’s largest, most influential annual conference and exhibition in computer graphics and interactive techniques and this year they selected our project SUMMER CAMP powered by our VIVO proprietary technology.


VIVO, is ESTUDIOFUTURE´s AI driven cutting-edge proprietary technology that blends traditional keyframed animations with physical and procedural behaviors and give animators and storytellers new tools to synchronize and control character’s performances in different situations depending on user ́s interactions.
This technology allows us to create lifelike and credible characters that reacts to our actions when we touch them, when we look at them,when we interact, or even when we are doing nothing.
They never repeat the same sentence or action,the pace of the story never stops and the narrative always flows with no idle characters waiting for your actions, just like in real life.

Estudiofuture will be at Game Connection and GDC


From February 27 to March 3, Estudiofuture will be attending two of the most important events around video games in USA.

Our company will be present at GCA with a booth, showing all our best VR contents.

Attendees will have the chance to try the new Oculus version of Fusion Wars

Contact if you want to meet us:

See you in LA!

Fusion Wars has launch!


Fusion Wars has started!

Fusion Wars game early access version has launched and it is available to buy for Oculus Gear VR HERE

Oculus Rift version coming soon.

Check fore more info


New VR project for Winny World Park in Seoul


Estudiofuture together with DreamComeTruers Inc. recently started the production of a huge VR experience for Winny World park in Seul (South Korea).

Once finished, this VR experience will allow users to virtually visit the whole park, discovering all his amazing venues and capturing his unique atmosphere.

Estudiofuture signs with Los Angeles based Digital-Reign



Estudiofuture has signed an agreement with Los Angeles based multi-platform media production company Digital-Reign for the development of VR content for his Emmy nominated series Dark Prophet.

The production of an exciting VR experience has begun in our offices as you can see in the next 2 screenshots:

Estudiofuture signs with Los Angeles based Digital-Reign

DF_work_1 DF_work_2

FUSION WARS at E3 2016.

The upcoming project from the Spaniard developer estudiofuture was first showcased at the past E3 edition under the umbrella of Oculus, who has provided its strong support. A new and exclusive release for Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift that shall surprise for its original co-op gameplay features.

A FUSION WARS beta version was available for all those that visited the Oculus booth at the bigger entertainment expo in the world.

More news coming soon in the FUSION WARS official website. You can find videos and exclusive footage of the game, also news about the development and publishing process.




Estudiofuture wins biggest spanish Virtual Reality Award



¡En estudiofuture estamos de celebración!

Nuestra visita virtual “Descubre la Geoda Gigante” ha sido la ganadora del primer premio otorgado en España a la mejor experiencia de realidad virtual en Castellano. Este premio esta dotado económicamente con 5.000 euros y supone el primer referente de calidad en el desarrollo del sector en nuestro país.

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Looking for a Senior 3D Character Modeller & Rig

Estamos buscando un Modelador de Personajes Senior para unirse a nuestro equipo en Madrid.

Será el responsable de modelar y texturizar los personajes siguiendo las referencias del departamento de arte.

Ademas, se valorará muy positivamente que sea capaz de hacer el rig y set-up del personaje siguiendo los consejos del lead animator.

Imprescindible mas de 3 años de experiencia en puesto de trabajo similar y reel profesional. Para este puesto solo buscamos perfiles Seniors.

Posibilidad de trabajar Freelance.

Incorporación inmediata.

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